Mytha Lestari

Birth Name :  Paramytha Lestari Mulyarto
Born            :  June 29, 1991 Biak, Indonesia
Genre          :  Pop, Jazz
Occupation  :  Actress, Singer

Personal Life

Mytha Lestari born in Biak, June 29, 1991 is an Indonesian singer who won the event Mamamia in 2007.
Paramytha Lestari Mulyarto or a familiar and better known by the name Mytha "mamamia", is one of the dropout event held Indosiar scouts. Cohesion between mother and child is the key to success in the selection Mytha Mama Mia. Since the first prize in Mamamia 2007, Mytha not stop to explore the vocal though. In fact he also has had a solo album that was never her previous predictions. Mytha made ​​a song called "On My dream" as her first single.

As someone who jumped in the art world, Mytha not stop singing it on the field. The girl who likes to watch the series "Glee" is also trying to ability in the field of acting. Musical drama, entitled "GITA CINTA THE MUSICAL" held a few months ago it was a success. The drama is a lot to reap a positive response from many walks of life. Then Mytha also diving a few FTV that aired on private television.

Biak-born girl, June 29, 1991 This is the youngest of three brothers in Bogor. Daily Mytha certainly not free from vocal technique to sing and explore. Sometimes even a fad Mytha create her own songs. In addition Mytha occasional bowling. This unusual hobby Mytha acted in SCBD Gatot Subroto. Routine on the sidelines, Mytha'd love to go to Singapore to visit Universal Studios. Besides, she also wanted to enjoy the beauty of Ternate who had not been visited so far.

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