Ratna Kharisma Adzana

Birth Name     :  Charisma Adzana Ratna Bing Slamet
Another name :  Adzana Bing Slamet
Born                :  February 16, 1993 Jakarta, Indonesia
Occupation      :  Actress

Personal Life

Ratna Kharisma Adzana born in Jakarta, February 16, 1996 is an Indonesian actress. She is the eldest son of Adi Bing Slamet and the Nurjannah. She is also the grandson of Indonesia's senior comedian, Bing Slamet and nephew of actress and singer Iyut Bing Slamet and Uci Bing Slamet, she is also the cousin of a film actress and soap opera Ayudhia Bing Slamet. Adzana widely known when it was first played on the soap opera "Grey White" (2012) as Angel. An antagonist with mild mental disorder that often throws jargon "kamseupay" and "eeewww".

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