Sivia Azizah

Birth Name :  Sivia Azizah
Born            :  February 14, 1997 Jakarta, Indonesia
Occupation  :  Singer, actress

Personal Life

Sivia Azizah Via regular on the call, she was born on the date born in Jakarta, Indonesia, February 14, 1997 in Jakarta. Sivia known to audiences after starring in several commercials and soap operas. Sivia the next Blink elected as supporters of the Ify to organize the group. Sivia is Siviaholic fandom. Sivia Azizah  The third child of three brothers who have a brother named Tuhdil haqiqi and sister named Talitha Amilia. When the junior high school in SMPIT Global Islamic School, as an aspiring cartoonist, singer and stewardess. Children of married couples and Desminar Azwir Anwar Kamal was ever followed the First Idola Cilik event RCTI, was given the nickname Miss Improvisasi.Sivia clever indeed known to vary the tone of the song in perform. Not one that many people admire and idolize. Sivia and Entertaintment world began to recognize the world of singing since the age of 5 years. Sivia little shy at the input to the Elfa's Music School by her mother. Elfa's Music School in talent and singing ability honed Sivia therein also she formed a vocal group with her friends who was named Fortunate Kids in Indonesian language means Lucky Children (landing Sondang Simarmata). Sivia 2006, with her friends at Elfa's Music School fill Amway Voices. Sivia 2007, participated in the Children's Choir received the first prize category of children and became a vocal champion jingle Indomaret group, performing with Sadao Watanabe at Java Jazz 2007, the soundtrack of several soap operas, movies, and child talent show Remix. Sivia also had a duet with Donnie Sibarani and had also been invited by the Sultan of Brunei Darussalam to fill her beloved grandson's birthday. Besides a singer, Sivia also an advertising model and has starred in several soap operas such as stripping Bawang Merah Bawang Putih, Faiz dan Faizah, Momon, and last the Blink Putih Abu-abu. For Sivia become a singer can bring out of town, even overseas, and get an amazing experience.

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