Steffy Chibi

Name          :  Margaretha Stefanny Aay
Nickname   :  Aay, Steffy Chibi
Born            :  31 March 1993 Bandung, Indonesia
Occupation  :  Singer

Personal Life

Margaretha Stefanny Aay, usually prefers to be called Aay/ Steffy Chibi was born 31 March 1993 in Bandung, Indonesia is a new personnel Indonesian Girlband Cherry Belle . The first child of two who have height 165 cm officially became a member of Cherry Belle on 08 June 2012.  Steffy graduate of Trinity High School and continue her lecture at the Maranatha University majoring in Management, she was a member of Vogue dancer with rafael Smash and Fidelity dancer. Her hobby is singing, dancing, Photos, make up and her favourite color is Blue, White, pink. Her official fans name is STEFFYOURS.

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