Thalita Latief

Born            :  December 6, 1988
Occupation :  Actress singer presenter model

Personal Life

Thalita Latif whose full name is Annemarie Thalita Latif, born in Jakarta, December 6, 1988 is Indonesian soap opera actor. Her name began to be known since starred in the film Putri on SCTV.

The youngest daughter of two brothers mate Riki Latif and Elisabeth have been acquainted with the entertainment world Indonesia since she was a primary school, while starring in ads Taro and Tango wafer snack. Thalita then entered the professional world that begins with a semi-finalists GIRL Cover Model 2003 and Winner Kawanku 2004. Thalita has starred in advertising products Tanggo Wafer, Salut Gery, as well as starring in the video clip saykoji band ("So what gitu loh"), ADA Band ("Kau Auraku"), and Bondan ("Flowers").

Minang blooded woman starting a career in acting through the soap opera Keong Mas MD Entertainment production. Soap opera that catapulted her name is Princess with Desy Ratnasari. Who had starred in several soap operas Thalita is Kiamat, Aku Bukan Aku, Cinta Remaja and Peluk Aku 3 Menit. Her film debut was Sewu Lawang (Dendam Kuntilanak) mystery horror movie filmed director Arie Azis.

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