Zaskia Sungkar

Born           :  December 22, 1990 Jakarta, Indonesia
Occupation :  Actress Singer

Personal Life

Zaskia Sungkar born in Jakarta, December 22, 1990 is an Actress and Singer of The group Sisters duo with her sister, Shireen Sungkar.  Zaskia Spears is also the star of this product ads Muamalat Bank now prefer acting in soap operas turned down the offer which came to her because Zaskia'm more attracted to the singing world.  At the start of 2008 the couple's first child artist Mark Sungkar and Fanny Bauty is trying to realize her dream by becoming a singer duo she formed the vocal group The Sisters from the album's first brother and sister who was given the title of this show, "The Journey of Love" was released starting from the date Saturday, June 28, 2008 began in 2008 and launched the hit single from the album's first song titled "Keajaiban Cinta". And in-out next year, she began starring in soap operas.

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