Rena Nozawa

Another Name :  Rena-chan
Born                 :  May 6, 1998 Nagoya Japan
Occupation       :  Singer, Actress

Personal Life

Rena Nozawa レナ · ノザワ or 野泽 玲奈 Nozawa Rena?, Was born in Nagoya, May 6, 1998 is a member of JKT48 idol group AKB48 Team A members concurrently. She is the only member from AKB48 AKB48 sister group outside the country.  She is also the only member of the group that overseas sister getting double position in the group home and AKB48.
Nozawa is a Japanese citizen of both Japan's elderly citizens. She is the only Japanese person who received training as a student passing JKT48 1st Generation Auditions in November 2011. When the two parents living in Jakarta.
Rena Nozawa is one of 22 students training First Generation appointed as a member of Team J in concert JKT48 First Anniversary Event, December 23, 2012.
Her appointment as a member of AKB48 and member Tim J JKT48 announced herself by Nozawa in front of the theater audience "Aturan Anti Cinta" at Theatre JKT48, June 18, 2013.  After being a member of AKB48 and member JKT48, Nozawa will be residing in Japan following the second domicile her parents.

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