Lou Yi Xiao

Chinese Name : Lou Yi Xiao  娄艺潇
Born                 : December 27, 1988 Dalian, Lioning, China
Occupation       : Actress.

Personal Life

Lou Yi Xiao was born 27 December 1988 in Dalian, Lioning, China is a Chinese actress. She is very good at acting, dancing and singing. She plays the piano very well, too. She rolled in Shanghai Theater Academy in 2006. Although she is a newcomer, she has already acted a lot of roles. She is most well-known for the role Hu Yifei, in the hot teleplay Ipartment (2009-2011). Hu Yifei is quite outgoing and modern, but Lou Yixiao is introverted actually. So she really puts herself out to play the role, and her efforts get rewardedthe audience likes the role very much and she becomes famous.

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