Xiao Man

Chinese Name : Wang Jing Jiao
Traditional       : 王婧喬 ()
Simplified         : 王婧乔 ()
Birth Name      : Wang Shu Xuan(Chinese:王淑萱)
Other Name    : Chanel , Corrine,Shuan
Born                : 7 November 1989 Taiwan, Republic of China
Occupation      : singer, actress, model, host
Genre              : Mandarin pop

Personal Life

Xiao Man  小蠻 born 7 November 1989 in Taiwan, Republick of China is a singer and actress. She was in the Taiwanese girl band Hey Girl. And currently works as a model in Eelin Moddellig Agency.

Xiao Man or, Chanel Wong, was in a group originally known as Hei Se Hui Mei Mei which underwent a name change to Hey Girl. Hey Girl consisted of seven other girls, and they are known to work with another popular Taiwanese boy band, Lollipop, which consists of six boys.

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