Jessica Veranda

Another name : Ve
Born                : August 19, 1993 Jakarta, Indonesia
Genre              : Pop

Personal Life

Jessica Veranda Tanumihardja was born August 19, 1993 Jakarta, Indonesia is a singer of idol group JKT48 from Indonesia.  Jessica Veranda Tanumihardja is a member of the first generation idol group JKT48. Ve used the name as a nickname to avoid confusion with the other members JKT48 Jessica Vania (Jeje). Ve is one of the members of JKT48 who has had experience in the world of modeling before joining JKT48. Fan of detective stories still have the lineage of Portuguese from his great-grandfather. In JKT48, she is close friends with Devi Kinal Putri. Ve has appeared in the soap opera mini-series and movie theaters. Before becoming a member of JKT48, Ve known as Jessica Lontoh. Lontoh a descendant Manado clan owned by Ve.

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