Daniela Aedo

Birth Name  : Daniela Aedo Santana 
Birth  : February 12, 1995 Mexico Flag Mexico, D. F. 
Occupation : Actress

Personal Life

Daniela Aedo Santana  born in Mexico City, Mexico February 12, 1995 is a Mexican actress, who was announced to star in several children's telenovelas.

In 2000 she auditioned for casting to participate in a children's telenovela , and from thousands of girls she was chosen to star in Baby Face . In 2001 she made ​​a cameo on the soap Dare to forget , in the role of Adriana Fonseca girl like Andrea . In 2002 she participated in his second childhood telenovela calledit Vivan kids! Andrea really Legarreta and others as Danna Paola, Natalia Juarez and Nicole Durazo , among others. In 2005 she starred in the telenovela Contra viento y marea , where once again played the role of Adriana Fonseca girl , named Sandra . In 2009 , after a long period of inactivity , she returned to telenovelas with a special interest in my sin . Today Daniela Aedo 2013 is dedicated to his studies and recreation, it is a talented guitarist, singer and songwriter. Being about to finish their studies , says gladly go back to television .

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