Genie Chuo

Chinese Name : 卓文萱 Zhuó Wénxuān
Other Name : Genie Zhuo, Xuan Xuan (萱萱), Xiao Mi (小咪)
Born : 20 January 1986, Taiwan
Occupation : Singer, Actress

Personal Life

Genie Chuo 卓文萱 was born on 20 January 1986 in Taiwan is a Taiwanese Mandopop singer and actress, and also known as Genie Zhuo, "Xuan Xuan" (萱萱) or "Xiao Mi" (小咪).

Chuo won several karaoke competitions when she was a first year in the Taipei County Fuho Junior High School. After a number of lessons and training for singing, she debuted as a singer.

After graduating from Hua Kang Art School, she continued recording, and has been active in television series in Taiwan including the 2007 drama, Romantic Princess and 2006 Taiwanese movie, Do Over (一年之初).

In 2010, Chuo sang the theme song for the theatrical drama Summer Snow directed by Golden Horse Awards winner Lee Hsing (李行). The EP was released on 30 July 2010 with proceeds going to the Red Cross.

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