Mana and Kana Kimura

Personal Life

Mana Mikura (三倉茉奈?) and Kana Mikura (三倉佳奈) born February 23, 1986 in Osaka, Japan are Japanese identical twin sister actresses. They are mostly collectively referred to as ManaKana (マナカナ?). Mana is the older one, born 7 minutes before Kana.

They debuted at the age of 5, appearing in television commercials. In 1996, they appeared in the Asadora Futarikko, playing the main twin characters as children. In March 2008, both graduated from Kwansei Gakuin University. In 2008, they starred in the Asadora Dandan about twins separated at birth. Mana played a Shimane Prefecture school girl who loves to play in a rock band. Kana played a maiko from Kyoto Prefecture.

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