Anaïs Demoustier

Birth Name : Anaïs Demoustier Aude Michèle Marie Delcourt
Born : 29 September 1987 Nord, France
Occupation : Actress

Personal Life

Anaïs Demoustier Aude Marie Michèle born 29 September 1987 in Lille, France is French actress. She grew up in Villeneuve d'Ascq , born of a business executive father in the great native distribution Lyon and a housewife originally from Lille 1 . She has two sisters, Camille and Jeanne 2 , and a brother, Stéphane 3 , who introduced him and love cinema. Still a teenager, she spent hearings and starts alongside with Isabelle Huppert in Time of the Wolf (2002) Michael Haneke 3 . From the first, it follows the cinema and audiovisual section in high school St. Teresa of Avila-Lille 4 . She comes to Paris in 2005 after his tray to a Bachelor of Arts and film at the University of Paris III Censier but soon abandoned to chain supporting roles in cinema but also theater 3 .

It was later identified to more important roles such as in La Belle Personne , where she rubs a series of young French players with Louis Garrel and Léa Seydoux . Subsequently, she was appointed twice to the Caesars in 2009 and 2011 . She obtained from 2011 several awards, including the prize-Romy Schneider .

She then continues to run under the guidance of directors such as Claude Miller , Pascale Ferran and Bertrand Tavernier . In 2013 , she found Robert Guédiguian and his actors Ariane Roundworm and Darroussin it has already rubbed shoulders several times.

In 2014 , it will be showing the new film by François Ozon , a new friend . She finds the opportunity to once again Raphaël Personnaz after George and Fanchette , released in 2010 , and the Quai d'Orsay , released in 2013 .

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