Courtney Baxter

Born             :  20 October 1993
Occupation  :  Actress

Personal Life

Courtney Baxter born 20 October 1993, West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA is American actress.
She is from West Chester Pennsylvania and has been a professional SAG - AFTRA actor since the age of 11. Courtney's roles and bookings have spanned many states in the country, but she is proud to be considered a New York City Actor! Over her career, whether it is a popular sitcom or a brief commercial appearance, Courtney has given 100% of her energy every time she has been on set. Most recently, she has had the great experience of originating the role of "Meghan Cleary" for the Onion News Network. She has enjoyed portraying stereotypical Meghan for internet, television, and awards shows in 2011 and hopes the success of these ONN comedic satires will bring more Meghan material her way some day.

Courtney is also a serious student, community activist and a founding member of a mentor program in the nearby inner city of Chester PA. This year she is honored to represent America's oldest teen scholarship organization, ANTSO, as Miss National Sweetheart 2012. Her real life role has given Courtney the awesome opportunity to positively influence young women from all around the country by demonstrating the importance of academics, community and charitable involvement in their lives.

Enrollment in a competitive public High School was a great experience for Courtney; however, she made the difficult decision to finish high school early so that she could pursue her career full time for one year before entering college. Her work in film and television has been rewarding and extensive and she is looking forward to fulfilling her education and career goals when she pursues a dual performing arts and business degree in Fall 2012.

Although Courtney is a passionate professional performer, her experience has helped her develop an interest in all parts of film, television and theater production. Courtney gained invaluable experience in her 2010 role as Executive Producer and lead in the festival short drama "Reco." "Reco" has garnered many festival nominations and wins in 2011 and has been the catalyst for Courtney to pursue other projects and expand her career skills. Fall 2011 finds her Executive Producing her first feature film where she portrays the character Eve and gets indoctrinated into the unique horror genre with "Hallow's Eve." Afterwhich, Courtney will begin pre-production on the sweet, family friendly independent short film, "Bob & Me." Courtney will Direct, Produce, and act in this independent festival short with hopes to have the film ready for the Spring 2012 festival circuit.

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