Daisy Evans

Birth Name    :  Daisy Rebecca Evans
Date of Birth  :  30 November 1989
Occupation     :  Actress

Personal Life

Daisy Rebecca Evans was born on November 30th 1989 in Barking, Essex, England. She has an older brother, Aaron and an older sister, Alice. Daisy had been dancing since she was 3 years old and after viewing an advertisement for 'S Club Juniors' she went along and honestly thought she hadn't got further than round one. Daisy obviously got further than that, she made the band. S Club Juniours gave Daisy so many steps into fame, she toured twice with S Club , appeared on many program's, starred in a Disney Channel show, Bus Life and also had their own hit TV Series, I Dream. In 2003, S Club announced they were splitting so S Club Juniors changed their name to S Club 8 for just over a year then a long came the I Dream Team after the launch of the TV Show. From January 2005 S Club 8 were no more, no official announcements were made but Daisy's personal website announced it was so. Daisy started the Sylvia Young Theatre School when she was in year 10 (2004), she attended there for two years in 10 and 11. Once she had graduated she began to attend Collins School of Performing Arts with her sister Alice. Although Alice continued her education there Daisiy did not, she teamed up with News Of The World Score Angels where she dances and cheer leads at football games. Daisy and fellow angels teamed up and formed their own band 'From Above' after several line ups and numerous changes the band have announced they have their final line up, Daisy is the only original band member.

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