Jana Purcell

Birth Date    :  January 29, 1994
Occupation   :  Actress

Personal Life

Jana Purcell born January 29, 1994 in Oregon, USA. Jana is the younger of two children; she has an older brother Andrew. Jana has been modeling since she was 2 years old. She started by modeling for her grandfather who is a retired professional photographer.

When Jana was 2 ½ years old she started dance. Her first dance class was a ballet/tap combo class, she absolutely adored dance from that day on. For the first couple of years Jana took ballet and tap and then added jazz to her schedule. After dancing for 5 years she wanted to add hip hop. Then 3 years ago Jana added modern. Jana dances 6 days per week now and wouldn’t change a thing.

When Jana was 5 ½ her grandmother bought her a piano and soon started lessons. Jana just took off with the piano; her piano teacher said that Jana was amazing. The songs that Jana would compose would give you goose bumps. Jana also plays by ear; if a song is in her head and she spends time at the piano, then she can play it. Jana has had 5 years of lessons. Jana has been singing since she could talk. She is in her schools choir. Three years ago Jana auditioned for one of the city choirs here in town and was accepted. Jana loves to sing and wants to continue singing forever.

About three years ago Jana started taking acting classes and really enjoyed them. We soon started looking for an agent for her. Since finding representation Jana has been in a commercial and 3 short film and absolutely loves acting. Jana’s goal is to be cast in a feature film and to continue acting for a long time. Jana would like to be cast in feature films, commercials, music videos, TV. shows etc

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