Janina Fautz

Born             :  May 31 1995
Occupation  :  Actress

Personal Life

Janina Fautz born May 31 1995 in Mannheim is a young German actress.  As early as eight years old, she sat down in an action of Tigerentenclub s for children in third world and became a reporter Tigerenten.  2005 saw Joseph Vilsmaier Janina Fautz, they got a first role in Vilsmaier fairy tale The Weihnachtsbrei. From 2007 she represented burdock in The Savages 4 and 5. Janina in 2007 was also the Fernsehmelodram Suchkind 312 of Gabi Kubach front of the camera. In January 2008, the 12-year-old was on the side of Uwe Ochsenknecht and Katja Flint in the 3rd Part of the ZDF film series Luginsland, see in this murder case, in all innocence. Janina Fautz is UNICEF Junior Ambassador. Even as Tigerenten reporter she is on television. In 2009 she starred in Michael Haneke's award-winning film The White Ribbon - A German children's story the girl, Erna. Since 2010, she also plays in the German youth - crime series alone against the clock with which the KI.KA is broadcast.

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