Hayria Lontoh

Another name :  Hayria Faturrahman
Born                :  26 September 1986 Jakarta, Indonesia
Occupation      :  Actress, model

Personal Life

Hayria Lontoh or Hayria Faturrahman born in Tangerang, Banten, 26 September 1986 is a movie player model and Indonesia. Sister models Adelia Lontoh and Ananda Lontoh and sister of the model Malisa Lontoh started her career as a champion third cover GIRL 2001 and later became a model. Faturrahman couple's daughter (first named Peter Lontoh, prior to Islam) and Anisa Alatas is entering the world of acting the big screen in 2005 and got the lead role as Lara in the movie Panggil Namaku Tiga Kali (2005) who worked Koya Pagayo director. After that Ria, her nickname, starring FTV Cintakan Membawamu Padaku (2006), directed by Sam Sarumpaet. A year later, Ria took the controversial role as Audy in the film Tentang Cinta which fate have cancer. For the sake of the film, Ria willing to chop off her hair, bald.

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