Imel Putri Cahyati

Born           :  8 November 1988 Garut, West Java, Indonesia
Occupation :  Actress

Personal Life

Imel Putri Cahyati born in Garut, West Java, 8 November 1988 is Indonesian actress. She starred in Syahadat Cinta novel of the same title.

Imel is a child brings a blessing for cinema production Genta Buana Paramita which her television soap operas and movies always get high ratings and a place in the hearts of her fans.

Since the success starred in the film "Kisah Cinta Romi dan Yuli" (Cinema Home "Kugapai Cintamu"), Imel's name continues to be discussed among the lovers of drama. So she lined up with "Temmy Rahadi" in ftv tremendous success, "Warisan Cinta" which has screened more than 30 times on the screen Indosiar and still get high ratings and advertising.

Other television movies Flowers, "Kupu Kupu Malam", Ande Ande Lumut, "Cintailah Aku", "Salahkah Aku Mencintaimu", etc.. One more soap opera is "Melodi" which adapts the Korean drama "Sad Love Song". In the soap opera "melodi", she had to play "blind girl". Because of her skill to play multiple characters, then no one chose Paggaru Gunawan Imel Putri Cahyati to starring role "Neng Aisha" in the big-screen debut, Syahadad Cinta.

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