Indah Indriana

Born           :  5 November 1988 Indonesia
Occupation :  Actress

Personal Life

Indah Indriana born 5 November 1988 is a stunt woman Indonesia. She became known publicly sometime in 2005 after winning the 2005 cover the selection GIRL. Indah Flooded with offers of start to play in the soap opera. Her acting debut through the soap opera "Topeng". Which has 166 cm high and weighing 45 kg she becoming known after playing the character "Rena" in the soap opera "Intan".

Indah is the youngest of three brothers pair Harry K and ZZ Zully. Indah recently has starred in several Sinetron Indonesia on the screen, such as Cowok Impian, Intan, Mawar and Soleha.

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