Ko Ah Seong

Born              :  10 August 1992 Seoul, South Korea
Other names :  Ko Ah-sung Go Ah-sung
Occupation    :  Actress

Personal Life

Ko Ah-Sung was born on August 10, 1992 in Seoul, South Korea. Her family consists of her parents and two older sisters. When Ko Ah-Sung was 4 years old she starred in her first CF and at the age 13 began her acting career in the KBS children drama "Woolribeulra Beulroojjang" (울리블라 블루짱).

In 2006, Ko Ah-Sung acted in her first feature film "The Host," which became the highest grossing Korean film of its time. The movie centers around a monster that comes out of the Han River to kidnap a young girl played by Ko Ah-Sung. Her performance received the attention of many and Ko Ah-Sung received the "Best New Actress" award at the 27th Blue Dragon Film Festival. Ko Ah-Sung was cast for "The Host" thanks to the recommendation of co-star Bae Doo-Na, who previously worked with Ko Ah-Sung in the 2005 MBC drama series "Six Love Stories". Ko Ah-Sung was initially reluctant to perform in "The Host" but was persuaded by movie director Bong Joon-Ho & her mother.

Following "The Host," Ko Ah-Sung appeared in "The Happy Life" and "Radio Days" which were far less successful at the box office and received lukewarm critical response. In 2009, Ko Ah-Sung decided to act in "A Brand New Life," a joint French-Korean production directed by Ounie Lecomte and produced by Lee Chang-Dong. In "A Brand New Life," Ko Ah-Sung played a disabled young girl with one leg. Ko Ah-Sung later revealed that she wanted to take part in "A Brand New Life" immediately after reading the script. To prepare for her role in "A Brand New Life" Ko Ah-Sung read Moon So-Ri's diary and a documentary on the film "Oasis," but they didn't provide as much help as she hoped. Eventually, Ko Ah-Sung observed handicapped people on the subway, but that experience caused a personal panic attack within her. Ko Ah-Sung initially attempted to portray her character to elicit pity from the audience, but Ounie Lecomte advised Ko Ah-Sung to try another avenue.

In 2010 Ko Ah-Sung acted in the KBS2 drama "Master of Study" with Yu Seung-Ho.  Outside of acting, Ko Ah-Sung enjoys traveling alone and taking pictures. Ko Ah-Sung's photo's were displayed at the 5th annual Seoul Open Art Fair (April 22-26. 2010), alongside actors Ha Jung-Woo & Eom Tae-Woong. Ko Ah-Sung became interested in photography through friend and fellow actress Bae Doo-Na. Ko Ah-Sung also enjoys painting and music. On May 6th, 2010, Ko Ah-Sung performed live on stage with musical performers Sung Ki-Won and Beetlejuice at the Hongdae Mudaerok.

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