Ko Joo Yeon

Born              :  1994
Other names :  Ko Ju-yeon, Go Joo-yeon, Go Ju-yeon, Go Ju-yun
Occupation    :  Actress

Personal Life

Ko Joo-yeon born in 1994 is a South Korean actress who has gained attention in the Korean film industry for her roles in Blue Swallow (2005) and The Fox Family (2006).[1] In 2007 she appeared in the horror film Epitaph as Asako, a young girl suffering from overbearing nightmares and aphasia, becoming so immersed in the role that she had to deal with sudden nosebleeds while on set.[1] Kyu Hyun Kim of Koreanfilm.org highlighted her performance in the film, saying, "[The cast's] acting thunder is stolen by the ridiculously pretty Ko Joo-yeon, another Korean child actress who we dearly hope continues her film career."

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