Hong Yookyung

Born           :  22 September 1994
Occupation :  Actress, Singer

Personal Life

Hong Yookyung was born September 22, 1994 in Seoul South Korea to a royal family is member of group A Pink. The royal life always surrounded her and every cooed at how adorable she looked as a baby. Her parents on the other hand were forced into the marriage and never had any feelings towards each other whatsoever. Her mother deeply loves Yookyung and never wanted to let her go. Seh was in love with another prince and she wanted him to help take care of her. Right before Yookyung’s first birthday, her original father left. He went into the real world and decided to live as a peasant. Before he left, he put a silver necklace around her neck with a little engraving of the world: dream. Yookyung have always wondered why there was this necklace that said dream, but she’s always had dreams of a mysterious figure taking care of her. Her mother wouldn’t speak a word about it though. Yookyung’s current father is the one that her mother orginally fell in love with. He wasn’t bad or anything; in fact, he was a great father. She was happy to have such supportive parents and that they gave her all the love and support she needed.

At the age of 15, Yookyung was finally told the story of her father. He was a mean, but yet caring individual. He always stood up for those he believed in and never backed down in a fight. Her father was a fighter and he fought in war, getting wounded a lot. Her mother would always take care of him, but she never had romantic feelings towards him. In fact, he was in love with a peasant that he met while on a vacation from war. She found out how her father left her before her first birthday and she was devastated. She didn’t like her father, but yet, she knows that without him she wouldn’t even exist.

Now that Yookyung is a stronger individual, her mother and father has been watching out for her, letting her become independent of her choices. “I think it’s time for Yookyung to meet people,” her mother says to her husband as they’re both in their bedroom. “You mean…like what you and your ex did?” The husband asks as he looks at his wife worriedly, “honey, you don’t want her to become like you how you’ve went through.” She nods and looks away, “I know, but I’ll make the right choice for her. I know she’ll like this person.”

Quiet and reserved, Yookyung was always the silent princess of Seoul. She never really uttered a word until someone would start a conversation. The only time she’d start one is if she’s curious or interested in the person she’s acquainting with. As the time progresses, she’ll open up towards people and become a strong, brave leader in the palace. Everyone praises her for her capability of being introverted, but yet being brave in doing her royal duties. Yookyung can be clueless and dorky when she’s with people she’s really close to, but who knows, maybe the random Yookyung will show up one day. She feels like one part is missing inside her, like a piece of her heart just disappeared. Not knowing anything about it, she just tries to move on and become her usual self.

Besides her quiet and reserved personality, Yookyung lets out her real feelings through the piano. It was a talent of hers that she has learned since she was young and she’s kept that talent with her in her life. She never parts with her piano and always listens to slow classical music whenever she’s not by a piano. Her favorite artist is Yiruma, as his songs always touch her heart. She’s been praised with awards and her extraordinary academics. Her smile brightens up people’s days whenever they’re in a bad mood and she’s a generous royalty that’ll do her best to bring happiness to the town.

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