Jung Eunji

Born           :  18 August 1993 Busan, South Korea
Occupation :  Actress, Singer

Personal Life

Jung Eunji was born on August 18, 1993 in Busan, South Korea is South Korean Singer. She was born in a poor family, but her parents never stopped loving their daughter. Eunji thought her life would be wonderful, just like how it was. But an unexpected event happened. Her parents got into a car accident and was found dead. She became more and more lonely, and she had no money. For that reason, she had to move to a big city called Seoul. Everything was different from Busan. She had to find a job in this busy and large city. She was stuck what to do, until she found a coffee shop that was hiring and she is working in the coffee shop.

Cheerful. Happy. Two common words to describe Eunji. A beautiful eyesmile never leaves her face. She loves to put smiles on peoples’ faces. She likes to make new friends, and she is never shy towards new friends. She is hard-working for everything, and never gives up. She loves to laugh, and she laughs like theres no tomorrow. She can’t be angry at people for a long period of time because of her kind-hearted personality. She always sings when she’s lonely but she never sang infront of other people.

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