Kagami Seira

Real Name :  Sarah Arbour
Birthday     :  13 June, 1987 Tokyo, Japan
Occupation :  Singer, Model, Actress

Personal Life

Kagami Seira was born Sarah Arbour to a French-Canadian father (who is half French and half Polish) and a Japanese mother on June 13, 1987. She grew up in Tokyo, Japan with her two younger sisters and currently  holds Dual Citizenship to Canada and Japan. Kagami has stated that though she is fluent in English, she first learned the language in an International School in Japan.

In the year 2000, Kagami signed with the Now Fashion Agency, and began her career as a Fashion Model. She began modeling at 12 Years old in teen magazines such as CUTiE, Seventeen, and Zipper. Her sister has also modeled with her current agency, and Kagami is friends with fellow Japanese / French-Canadian, Marie, who is also a fashion model. In 2001 Kagami appeared in her first CM for a Wedding magazine called Zekushii, which was followed by adding a voice over to a CM for J-Phone. Kagami then began to appear in various CM's , but she decided to enroll in University of Toronto. In 2007, Kagami returned to Japan to continue her career. Since her return she has steadily appeared in various CM's, promoting for products such as Freeplus.

Kagami began her music career on a compilation album titled a piece of water released by a-head records in 2006. She contributed two songs titled "Loose" and "Don't Leave", and was featured along side artist's like Lisa Cristobal Miyake and Kawabata Megumi with the final track "Christmas is...".

The next year Kagami signed with the VAP record label and debuted with the double A-side "Kaleidoscope / Kodoku no Hikari". The single debuted on Oricon at #160 and charted for one week. The second A-side was used as the ending theme song for Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro. Kagami's second single was "roundabout / Kokoro ni Colorful". The 1st a-side was used as the ending theme for the anime Noramimi, while the second A-side, "Kokoro ni Colorful", was used for the ending theme of the drama Guren Onna. Kagami then contributed two songs titled "Carry Me Away" and "Never" to the anime series Kaiba. "Never" was used as the opening theme, while "Carry Me Away" was the ending theme to the series. Kagami released both songs under her first name Seira, and they were available digitally on iTunes Japan. After her contribution to Kaiba, Kagami released her third single "Summer Day & Night / Star Sand". "Summer Day & Night" was written and sung in English by Kagami and was composed by Sound Around while Jazztronik  remixed "Star Sand". Like her second single, it failed to chart on Oricon, but the following year Kagami released her fourth single "First Sight" featuring Ryohei. "First Sight" was used as the ending theme to the anime CHAOS;HEAD and it is her highest charting single to date peaking at #98 and charting for two weeks.

The following year Kagami released her first mini-album IdeAnimation. The mini-album failed to chart, but Kagami then released her debut album Celebration which peaked at #141 on Oricon and charted for three weeks. She’s had 5 songs in a row make it to number 1 on the itunes download charts.

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