Kaho Indou

Name         :  Indou Kaho (印東夏帆)
Birthdate    :  1991-Jun-30 Tokyo, Japan 
Occupation :  Actress and model

Personal Life

Indou Kaho debuted when she was a fifth-grader at an elementary school in Tokyo. She was scouted in Harajuku by Stardust Promotions and made her debut almost instantly.She was made a model for the magazine Pichi Lemon; subsequently, she began to have photoshoots in Pure Pure and soon became one of the photomook's most popular idols.In July 2003 Kaho became part of the one-time unit Snappeas with five other U-15 idols. Although they lasted only a month and a half, the group performed several times on televisionto promote their exposure. In April 2004 Kaho was made the spokesgirl for Mitsui Real Estate Sales. She is considered the 11th generation Rehouse girl. The following year she became thespokesgirl promoting fire prevention for the Marine & Fire Insurance Association of Japan. Although she has been involved with several dramas, July 2005 marked her first big role.She played Kanda Yu, the main character's asthmatic sister, in the drama Jyoou no.

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