Real Name :  Andriani Marshanda
Born           :  August 10, 1989 Jakarta, Indonesia
Occupation :  Actress, Singer, Host

Personal Life

Andriani Marshanda known as "Caca" or "Chacha" born in Jakarta, August 10, 1989 is an actress, soap star, advertisement star, singer, and presenter.

Marshanda is a Minangkabau who was born to Joseph and Riyanti Sofyan Irwan Guguak Tabek Sarojo origin, Agam, West Sumatra.  Eldest of three brothers born in Jakarta, Indonesia, 10 August 1989 with the zodiac sign Leo. Two brothers are Adrian (Didi) and Allysa (Lisya). 3-4 years old when she had lived in the City of Lumpia, Semarang, on the road near the campus Undip Pleburan V. At that time her father worked for about two years in Semarang. She also hobby ate jengkol and a banana.
Marshanda started her career in the advertising world since 1st grade, by accident or coincidence, at which time it Marshanda aunt accompany the famous model, Chintya Rustam, a former model for Lux soap ad Citra Lintas advertising agency. Apparently got there, Marshanda asked to be included casting. Casting until in 1997 it was chosen to star in ad Marshanda Bank Danamon. Marshanda next starred in several television commercials and print media, including Filma, Cadbury Eclairs, Garlic Chicken Noodles, Ice Mony, Tango Wafer, Chicken Nuggets, Carvil Millennium, Milk Flag, Bella, Emeron, Bank Tamara and Vaseline.

Marshanda who idolizes Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and M2M are fond of singing since childhood in addition to participate in vocal exercises Paranadjaja and ballet lessons. However, she is still not confident in her ability to sing, so she is sometimes still too shy to sing in front of crowds.

Marshanda aspiration is to become an agricultural engineer and singer and last wish is also to be a psychologist. Marshanda desire to be a singer gets a chance when she met with the creator of the famous children's song Papa T Bob. Mashanda initial meeting with Papa T Bob also happen by accident. At that time they recorded Marshanda often when you're singing voice, her mother, who heard the sound Marshanda feel good and try sending it to the agency Marshanda. Somehow, but Papa T Bob know and are interested. Furthermore Papa T Bob immediately made two songs for her. Papa T Bob set up a special song that fits with the character of the sound Marshanda. Finally Marshanda candidate entered the studio with the song "Gantungkan Cita Cita" Papa T's creation Bob. In Age 10 Years With Television Advertising Fristian Flag Her aunt Chintya Kusuma, Former Cover Model 1991 to the Bureau of Women Anita Puri Emeron ads.

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