Moon Chae Won

Born           :  November 13, 1986 Daegu, South Korea
Occupation :  Actress

Personal Life

Moon Chae-won born November 13, 1986 is a popular South Korean actress. Her Chosun war movie War of the Arrows was the most popular Korean movie in 2011. Moreover, her Chosun KBS drama Princess' Man got 24.9% ratings, a rare high for ancient drama in 2011. Her acting skills won both audience and critical approval. She won best newcomer in both the Grand Bell Awards and the Blue Dragon Awards in 2011. Moon Chae Won also received Best Dressed of the year from Korea's lifestyle awards. On January 4th 2012, she has been appointed as an honorary prosecutor who represent prosecutors in South Korea for one year period. KBS on April 27 2012 has made an announcement of a new drama Nice Guy starring Moon and Song Joong-Ki, the drama will start shoot at the end of June.

Moon Chae Won studied Western Painting at the Chugye University for the Fine Arts. Yet, she was determined to become an actress, therefore she ventured into the film industry and work extra hard for many supporting roles and finally found her fame in 2011, when she raises to stardom and became one the popular actresses in Korea.

Moon Chae Won debuted in the teen drama as key actress with Lee Min Ho in "Mackerel Run" in 2007. Then made her first movie debut with Lee Min Ho for her first screen in supporting role as Lee Eun Shil in teen movie "My School's E.T". Although she could transcend both teen characters differently, but she only received attention when she acted as kisaeng Jeong Hyang in The Painter of the Wind. Although her character Jeong Hyang was just a small supporting actress role, and it was only her first ancient drama and 2 tv drama in her acting career. Yet her beauty and charisma charmed the TV viewers. she played a beautiful gisaeng who falls for Moon Geun-young, who passes herself of as a man. Her partnership with Moon Geun-young as screen lover was so appealing until they both won the record winning SBS 2008 Best Screen Couple Awards by most popular vote. For the first in Korean drama history, two actress for their lesbian love became the Best Screen Couple, and it was quite an accomplishment for a young actress in her beginning career.

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