Soraya Hylmi

Born           :  October 14, 1986 Palembang, Indonesia
Occupation :  Host, singers, models

Personal Life

Soraya Hylmi greeting Aya, born in Palembang, South Sumatra, October 14, 1986, is an host from Indonesia. She is also known as a comedian and singer. Recently she released a duet song with Keith Martin.

She was born and raised in Palembang. When she was small, she had to move where to follow her father's career working in a government company. Before plunging into the world of entertainment, Soraya had become a teacher at a private English school in Palembang. She then followed the modeling school and also entered into a radio announcer voice Pesona Indah Palembang.

In 2004 she had followed the MTV VJ HUNT, and emerged as a finalist. Then she appeared on Reality Show Curi-Curi Kesempatan (SCTV), and this is the first show debuted on TV Free to Air Indonesia. After that she brought a variety of TV shows, and even she also briefly appeared in several sitcoms such as Bajaj Bajuri (Trans), Jomblo (Global TV), and PT Ngakaak (quiz).

Aya then entered into a sporting event. Sporting event was the first time she is playing MotoGP in 2007 as quizmaster. Then after a few races, replaced by Kaemita. In that year she also became the host Black in News on the same TV station turns to Aline Tumbuan.

Early in 2008, she again became a sports announcer on Trans 7. Sporting event that she is playing is Supermoto MX2 and MX1. Supermoto In addition, she also briefly hosted the Motocross MX1.

2009-2010 season, Aya re-appeared as a presenter at the League Italian Serie A subscription television channel, Telkomvision. In 2010, she also appeared in a quiz program to welcome the World Cup 2010 at the Global TV channel.

In 2011 Aya later appeared as one presenter remains in the event of Healthy Life in Metro (before then the show was merged into 811 Show). Aya is also now recognized as one of the national football observer and often invited as a guest speaker in a television interview.

Beyond television and radio, Soraya Hylmi also includes a powerful MC. Since 2003, more than 60 events and 100 segments on several occasions she has brought, in the event a large number of institutions and companies such as Toyota, Honda, Daihatsu, Ford, Telkomsel, Esia, Axis, Nokia, Motorola, DBS Bank, BCA, Chevron Oil Company, some local governments, and many more.

The year 2010 was also a year Aya debut in the music world. For Aya, the music is not really an alien world because he jerap time hanging out with some hip-hop singer. Aya also been followed around Indonesia promotional album from singer Oka Antara. Aya then acquainted and met with U.S. singer Keith Martin on a Valentine's Day event in 2008. Since then Keith and Aya then discuss opportunities to make some songs, and it was well received by both parties are then planning to make a mini album for Aya.
Keith then made Aya duet two songs, one of which is titled I Give You Me. After the official release, Aya admitted intentionally want to look at the target market with the launch of a mini album before it kicked off with a full album.

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