Nagita Slavina

Born            :  February 17, 1988 Jakarta, Indonesia
Occupation  :  Actress, Producer

Personal Life

Slavina Nagita Mariana Tengker born in Jakarta, February 17, 1988 is a model and sitcom actress and film star Indonesia.

Nagita Slavina, nicknamed Gigi started her career as an advertising model Biore Anti Acne facial cleansers in 2000. Gigi, who is now studying economics at the UI, and also penetrated the world of acting by starring in "Inem Si Pelayan Slebor", her first patron. Acting eldest of two siblings was apparently attracted the attention of other directors. Gideon's daughter pair Tengker (old wing blues guitarist, Drakhma) and Rita Amilia (sitcom actress who turned-producer) is also offered appeared in the soap opera "Disini Ada Setan". The show is eventually made ​​into a big screen version of the same title, "Disini Ada Setan".

Gigi drama starring, among others, "Cinta 100 Days", "Cewek Tulalit", "Tikus dan Kucing Mencari Cinta", and "Ramalan Alisha". Java bloody teeth, Manado, and Minang is almost always plays the character of a plain girl childish look silly. But that's what drove the characters get nominated best female lead in the FFI 2005 feature film off the television, through freelance television movie "Tikus dan Kucing Mencari Cinta".

Aside from acting, high school alumna Budi Kemang Shifa Al Azhar is invited moms to be co-executive producer at production house, PT Frameritz, which produces soap operas both short and long stories.

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