Natalia Shasanti

Birth Name  :  Nathalia Shasanti
Born             :  December 18, 1988 Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia
Occupation   :  Singer, Dancer, Model, Actress
Genre           :  Pop

Personal Life

Natly (read: Net li), Natly stage name taken from the first name on her birth name "Nathalia". Natly born in Surabaya, December 18, 1988 is Indonesian actress and singer who joined the group 7icons. Natly like dancing as a child and she likes to go dancing contest. Because the group Natly often win then they've feel also be opening dancer on tv shows. Because Natly often dance, Natly get the job, and she could pay her own tuition. She said, she's a very simple and not complicated in terms of appearance or whatever so she called as Natural Icon. Go Go Girls character in jealousy, not like rivaled, wear headbands / braids / teased hair.

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