Sarwendah Tan

Another Name :  Wenda
Born                 :  August 29, 1989 Jakarta Indonesia
Occupation       :  Singer, Model

Personal Life

Sarwendah Tan or so-called Wenda was born in Jakarta, August 29, 1989 is a former personnel of Cherry Belle. While still incorporated in the Cherry Belle, Sarwendah Tan or familiar in name calling as Wenda is the second oldest member of the Devi. Wenda very fond of sweet and spicy foods. It has a height of 165 cm and weight 38 kg. Wenda has a hobby that is taking care of yourself, cooking, fashion, singing, listening to music, and nail art. Wenda is feminine, kind and funny. Wenda elementary school in Indonesia, Malaysia's junior, high school in Taiwan, and lectures in Beijing. Wenda is very fond of Chibi characters Hello Kitty and she loves the color red. Her favorite number is 27. Beginning in December 2010 she participated the members of Cherry Belle and in February she was elected along with nine other konestan of 400 candidates. Wenda closest to the Devi in the Cherry Belle to another member. Before members of the Cherry Belle, Wenda has served the profession as a translator for her skills in speaking Mandarin. Designation for the fans Wenda is Wendaddict. Wenda has been retired by the producer of Cherry Belle on 12 April 2012 was due to the age of adulthood.

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