Tina Toon

Born           :  August 20, 1993 Jakarta, Indonesia
Genre         :  Pop
Occupation :  Singer, actress

Personal Life

Augustina Hermanto better known as Tina Toon born in Jakarta, August 20, 1993 is one of the singer and actress of Indonesia. She is famous for a similar wobble ngebor like Inul. She was famous through the song Bolo-Bolo. She is also known for her distinctive neck movement.

Tina was the first child of two couple Megawati and Aan Hermanto. As a child, she was frequently ill. Though her parents live in Pamanukan, Subang which was difficult to get a specialist. Therefore, she left with her grandmother and grandfather at the Palm d'Ivoire to be easy to go to a specialist. Tina's parents who manage the business of fertilizer and agricultural equipment gathered just two days a week with her.

Tina talent down from her mother who had once joined in a musical group in Cirebon. Oma Tina, Ana Setiawati diligently bring tina follow a singing contest. At the age of four, she had won two in a singing contest held in Mal Kelapa Gading. At that time she sang the song written by A.T. Mahmud, "Pelangi-Pelangi".

In 1998, Tina's uncle took the tape. Unfortunately, because of riots in 1998, the tape was not continued. Then Ana put Tina into the studio Papa T Bop. After passing the test vocals Papa T. Bob made a number of songs and brought Tina into the studio. Papa T. Bob also gave the name of Tina Toon.

The first album titled Bolo-bolo (1999), the flagship song titled the same, was born and became a hit in the market. That said, the album which spent 200 million rupiah and the family dependents of 300,000 copies sold. The success of the first album she released another album to make the Siram (2000), Goyang Tina Toon (2001), and Arti Bolo-bolo (2003).

In 2004 she tried the big screens with comedy titled Tina Toon & Lenong bocah by Aditya Gumay. The film is about a poor little girl who eventually became wealthy due to sing. Tina Toon In addition, an array of famous names like Ingrid Widjanarko, Ria Irawan, Vicky Burky, Alicia Johar, and Piyu Padi enliven the film. Previously, she has also been supporting the musical theater and Dian Sastrowardoyo Rachel Maryam, Bawang Merah Bawang Putih . In performance, she served as a magical fish energetic louhan.

Toon In 2008 Tina released her new album titled I Love Music, the album earned a toon to show that she was a teenager. The first single from this album is the song "in my birthday" which is the work of Tina Toon herself. The single was released to coincide with the birthday of Tina. In 2009 Tina Toon release second single "Cinta Malu" which is also create by her own.

August 2011 To enrich his life, Tina Toon has formed a band named after the daughter of D'Girls and has had two singles, namely: Cinta Pertama and Cinta Buta.

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