Yasmine Wildblood

Born           :  11 March 1993 London, England
Occupation :  Actress

Personal Life

Yasmine Wildblood born as Yasmine Leeds Wildblood in London England, March 11, 1993 is an Indonesian actress. Yasmine was born to Brian Michael Wildblood the British and the nationality Indonesia Siregar Anita.  She began her career in acting since 2008. Early in her career she became a model of the video clip music group Nidji on their single entitled "Arti Sahabat". She then continued her career by playing some of FTV and immediately became the main character since her first television movie "Love Bodyguard". After that she went into the soap opera with the title role on the soap opera as Juwita in "Lia" that aired on RCTI. Yasmine's career increasingly uphill since then, evident since at present undergoing Yasmine filming a soap opera titled "Cinta Dan Anugerah", she served as Aira, which aired in RCTI and a lot of people very interested in Indonesia. In 2009 she also became Model Video Clips ARMADA Band in the song Buka Hatimu.

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