Yefani Filliang

Another Name :  Felly Chibi
Born                :  February 21, 1991 Jakarta Indonesia
Occupation      :  Singer

Personal Life

Yefani Filliang or commonly known as Felly Chibi born in Jakarta, February 21, 1991, is the singer of the Cherry Belle Girl Band from Indonesia.  Her height 156 cm and weighs 40 kg. Felly Christian. Her hobbies are, dance, walk, sing and photographs. Her favorite color is Red. Her favorite food is fettucine, chicken rica-rica, and Indomie. Her hero is a cartoon character Spongebob. Her favorite number is 8. In December 2010, she participated the members of the Cherry Belle, and on February 27, 2011 she was selected along with eight other members. Felly often referred to twin with one other member of the Christy Cherry Belle. This is due to physical traits, personality, hobbies and ways of speaking that is almost the same as Christy. Felly is currently a student at the University of Bunda Mulia and majored in communication sciences. Designation for the fans Felly is Fellycious.

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