Neneng Rosediana

Birth Name      :  Neng Rosediana
Another Name :  Ochi Born January 24, 1999 Depok, Indonesia
Occupation       :  Actress, Singer, and Dancer
Genre               :  Pop, Dance-pop

Personal Life

Neneng Rosediana born in Depok West Java, Indonesia, January 24, 1999, which is known as Ochi, an actress, singer, and dancer from Indonesia. Ochi is a former member of idol group JKT48 from Jakarta, Indonesia. She is a member of the first generation idol group JKT48. In November 2012, Ochi decided to get out of JKT48.

Ochi First appeared on TV for her role in Ronaldowati Nyingnying she played as a goalkeeper Ronaldowati. Ochi also played some FTV as Keajaiban Batu Renggang, Nemo Raksasa, and Legenda Ular Piton Putih. All FTV's talk about things that are impossible.

After joining JKT48, ochi was never again played in the soap opera and FTV. however Ochi and other JKT48 members had appeared in the soap opera Putih Abu-abu in Episode 56.

After resigning from JKT48, Ochi decided to go back into the field of acting. Ochi get Tiur role in Surat Kecil Untuk Tuhan playing with Cut Syifa Ochi.

At the beginning of 2013,  she plays in the soap opera the Magic get antagonistic role as Liana. Liana is a student who is good and the Evil Dance has always wanted to be a champion, but at the end of the final episode of the soap opera-girl Liana become a good heart.

In November 2011, Ochi follow auditions for JKT48, and she was elected as a member of the First Generation JKT48. during in ochi JKT48 sings some songs like Heavy Rotation, Ingin Bertemu, Karena Ku Suka Dirimu, Ponytail to Shushu, and Baby! Baby! Baby!
In November 2012, Ochi announced that she had resigned from JKT48 and decided to pursue a solo career. In December 2012, Ochi issued her debut single, young singer Gavin MJ, Love You. after the song Love You was released Ochi and Gavin frequently appearing in music shows.
while in JKT48 Ochi is the second youngest member after Nabilah Ratna Ayu Azalia.

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