Bianca Liza

Born           :  8 October 1991 Pekanbaru, Indonesia
Occupation :  Host, Actress

Personal Life

Bianca Liza born 8 October 1991 in Pekanbaru, Indonesia is an Indonesian actress and host. She start her carrier by follow covergirl teen megazine Aneka yess then she try for cast and after had starred in several television movie titles such as 'Kejamnya Anak Kandung, Mulianya Anak Tiri', she started receiving some soap opera producer. Debut soap opera that catapulted her name is 'Inayah' in 2009, where she played alongside Shandy Aulia and Tommy Kurniawan.

The steps in the wider world role. Girl from Pekanbaru was later also appeared in the soap opera 'Islam KTP' and the 'Sketsa' which aired on Trans TV.

After she be a host too. she told she start of her career in the world presenter accidentally. Capitalized feeling confident and a little courage, the hobby of collecting women's high heels agreed offer from a producer for a show.

She guide program infotainment Selebrita in Trans 7 for the first time. Airing live, Bianca was nervous. But armed with self-confidence, She smoothly bring the event which is then also opened the door a career in television presenter anD well know in Eat Bulaga Indonesia.

She has proven to diving variety of roles with different characters, starting as Salun, women in soap operas Inayah super evil, to be friendly when guiding the women Eat Bulaga! On SCTV.

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