Hallee Hirsh

Real Name : Hallee Leah Hirsh
Born : December 16, 1987 Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.
Occupation : Actress

Personal Life

Hallee Leah Hirsh born December 16, 1987 in Omaha, Nebraska, U.S. is an American actress. She well known for her roles as Daley in the children's series Flight 29 Down and as the second (and final) actress to portray Rachel Greene on ER. Starring alongside Kristen Stewart, Hirsh portrayed the role of Rachel Bruin in Speak.

Hirsh was born at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, Nebraska, the daughter of Deborah, a naval officer, and Mike Hirsh, a Marine officer. She started acting as a toddler with her older brother, Greg. Coincidentally, Hirsh would find herself acting on the naval-based show JAG, as Matilda "Mattie" Grace Johnson, for 17 episodes.

She first portrayed Rachel Greene in the 2001-2002 season of ER in a storyline where a now teenage and rebellious Rachel leaves her mom in St. Louis to be with her father, Mark Greene, with whom she feuds but eventually they reconcile before Mark succumbs to brain cancer at the end of the 8th season. Hirsh later reprises her role in 2004 in the season 10 episode "Midnight", visiting her stepmother Dr. Elizabeth Corday, introducing her new boyfriend and seeking birth control pills. In the ER series finale, aired April 2, 2009, entitled "And in the End", Hirsh's character returned as candidate interviewing for medical school, bringing the Greene family history full circle. Following her turns on ER and JAG, she starred in the award winning Discovery Kids Channel teen series, Flight 29 Down. Often billed as a Lost for teens, the three season series followed a group of teens surviving on a deserted island after a charter flight they were travelling aboard crash landed.

She is the recipient of two Youth in Film Young Artist Awards and was nominated for best acting awards for four other roles. She was nominated for Best Comedic Actress in a Feature Film at the 2009 Method Fest film festival for her work in 16 to Life and won Best Actress for same role and film at both the 2010 Tunis International Film Festival and the 2010 Alaska International Film Festival.

She graduated from UCLA class of 2011 Magna Cum Laude and as an honors student majoring in Anthropology and Chinese.

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