Park Chorong

Born           :  3 March 1991 Japan
Occupation :  Singer, Actress

Personal Life

Park Chorong born on the 3rd of March, 1991 in Japan is Leader of group A Pink. For a homeless person, many people wondered why such a beautiful face covered with dirt.  Her bright smile could light up a whole city, but only the smile could hold her true feelings in. Her feelings? Her parents were ‘accidentally’ killed in a car crash at the age of 10. Ever since, Chorong believed the ‘hit men’ her mother told her about, were after her. Park Chorong never knew the reason why her family was targeted after moving to Korea, but for one thing she definitely knew who killed her parents.

Chorong often wondered down streets in search for a temporary shelter. One night when she was 12 she was found and taken in by a soup kitchen’s owner, until she passed away from some unknown cancer, 8 years later. The Royal’s took over the house and Chorong was once again pushed out on the streets.  As for now, it’s the year 2012. The year of the Dragon. Chorong has this weird gut feeling that she’ll be meeting people more and more people. Well, she is overly excited.

A child at heart, Park Chorong. Her strong kicks and mature appearance, are one of the many reasons why no one messes with Chorong. Her smile and appearance is just an excuse to hide her true identity. Homeless and poor as she is, with her generous heart, she often visited soup kitchens and feed other needy people instead of herself.  Chorong doesn’t ideally like the royals for she thinks they are cold-hearted and selfish. Whenever Chorong shows her true nature, no one can feel safe, for Chorong will suddenly break down in tears or anger as if her smile was only a mask and nothing else.

Most of the people in town don’t know Chorong is homeless.She was often spotted in dark alley ways, but Chorong ignores the stares and just smiles.  Chorong once met a young boy similar to her age when she first moved to Korea, every time the young boy smiled her heart would beat faster and faster. Even till this very day, she’s still looking for that same smile.

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