Son Naeun

Born           :  10 February 1994
Occupation :  Singer, Actress

Personal Life

Son Naeun was born on February 10th, 1994 in Seoul, South Korea is member of group A Pink. When she was 5 her parents moved to Cabi Cabi Island and since then she lived there. Naeun loves this island because this island never failed to make her amazed and she meets many new people here. At age 15 she started her part-time job as a waitress. She rarely meets her parents because both of them work at Seoul. When Naeun was 17 instead of a happy 17th birthday, she got the news that her parents died because plane crash on their way home. Now Naeun is 18 years old, she tried to keep herself as a cheerful person. Sometimes she felt envy when there were families visited the restaurant she worked in. she missed her parents.

Son Naeun is a popular girl among the island because of her kindness. Naeun is quite shy with people around her in their first meeting, but when you know her well she is very cheerful and friendly. Naeun can’t lie in front of people so sometimes it made things difficult for her. She always thinks positive for her life. Her motto is ‘always smile so you can live happily!’ You must know that she’s rather clumsy and really easy to feel amazed to something new. Meanwhile, she cried easily and sometimes a bit childish because she lives alone in her apartment. Her hobby is drawing; sometimes she gave her drawing for the guest who asked it from her.

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