Karenina Sunny Halim

Born         :  13 June 1986 Jakarta
Title          :  Miss Indonesia 2009

Personal Life

Karenina Sunny Halim born in Jakarta, 13 June 1986, an Indonesian American, was Miss Indonesia (DKI Jakarta) 2009. She represented Indonesia at the Miss World 2009 in South Africa in November–December the same year.

Nina was homeschooled all her life and received six diplomas, all of which were issued by Christian Vocational Academy, a non-accredited distance learning institution.
She was criticised in Indonesia for her poor command of Indonesian, requiring questions to be translated into English.

Her mother is from Montana, United States and is active in the religious group The Family International, formerly known as the "Children of God". Kerenina was born-and-raised in the same group and is still an active member. She grew up in various countries throughout Asia. She has five siblings and one of them, her older brother, Steve Emmanuel (a sinetron / TV soap opera actor in Indonesia)

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